Link Download Boruto Episode 219

Link Download Boruto Episode 219

AnimeLink Download Boruto Episode 219 will be the continuation of the latest Boruto episode 219 sub in do which you can download below

Continuation of boruto 219 In the previous episode, it was Kawaki who managed to deceive Jigen because he had attached Karma to his Bunsin.

Even so Osotsuki Isshiki Dies Completely and will not rise again.

Boruto who has lost consciousness Momoshiki suddenly attacks Sasuke and stabs Rinnega’s eyes.

Due to the sudden attack Sasuke was unable to dodge it and had to give up his Rinnegan Eyes.

Borushiki Intends To Find The Ten-Tails Biju that Isshiki is hiding

Then He will sacrifice Kawaki as jubi food to grow the Sacred Tree and Gain Strength.

Kawaki and Sasuke Pun did not stay silent, they observed how Boruto could wake up from his subconscious.

Thanks to Sasuke’s plan, Momoshiki is finally forced to absorb the fire contained in Kawaki’s body

aa finally Boruto managed to realize and broke the horn on his head.

Furthermore, one of the viral scans in the Boruto 218 episode yesterday was Naruto’s Farewell to the 9-tailed Kurama.

After using Baryon Mode as a payment, it is Kurama’s own life.

In his subconscious Naruto parted with Kurama for good.

Appears as one of the most terrifying monsters, now Kurama goes as the hero of Konoha village.

How to continue from boruto 219, see below.

Download Boruto Episode 219

Link Download Boruto Episode 219

After Completing the Incredible Battle Against Osutsuki Isshiki

Naruto, Sasuke, Kawaki and Boruto are confused about how they will return to the village.

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Remembering that sasuke has lost his Rinnegan and can no longer use the Time and Space Jutsu

Boruto Episode 219 Scane Shows Boruto having a hard time using his Karma to get back to the village.

Will they be able to return to Konoha village?

For more, you can read and Wait and Watch Download Boruto 219.

Here’s the download link for the latest Boruto Episode 219, indo sub.

Link Download Boruto Episode 219


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