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Before continuing on the previous Boruto 218 Episode, we know where Naruto and Sasuke, who have lost, have faced Osutsuki Isshiki.

Seeing that the Nine-Tailed Jinchuriki possessed Naruto, Kurama offered to use a last resort to counterbalance or even defeat Osutsuki Ishiki.

The ace that Kurama meant was Baryon Mode, where to use the Baryon Mode requires an exchange of lives by the user.

Exactly Naruto’s life will be at stake to use this mode.

Without a doubt Naruto also agreed to the solution from Kurama.

By using Baryon Mode, Naruto can exceed Isshiki’s strength and even manage to outperform him.

Using Baryon Mode Naruto can shorten Isshiki’s Life Every time Naruto’s attack hits him.

Ishiki’s age has been reduced from the initial 2 days to only 30 minutes remaining.

This very powerful mode also finally reaches the limit of Naruto’s abilities and finally loses control of this mode.

Naruto’s chakra is starting to weaken, Kawaki can feel it in Konoha Village, through an artificial hand that is connected to the Hokage’s Chakra.

Isshiki who knows this finally knows Kawaki’s whereabouts and immediately brings Kawaki to the Battle Dimension.

Considering his age which is only a few minutes left, Isshiki of course wants to immediately implant the Karma Seal back into Kawaki so he can rise again.

Naruto who was helpless could only tell Kawaki to run and hide.

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With the help of Sasuke who uses the Mineral Smoke Bomb, Isshiki has difficulty finding Kawaki despite using the Byakugan.

Download Boruto Episode 218

Download Boruto Episode 218

Deadlocked Isshiki using a way to get Kawaki out, he will kill Neruto if Kawaki doesn’t come out.

Kawaki weakened and finally came out after remembering all of Naruto’s kindness towards him.

The story continues in Boruto Episode 218 which will air today.

This episode of Boruto 218 focuses on Isshiki who plans to make Kawaki back as a vessel by implanting a karma seal.

Will Isshiki Manage To Do That?

You can watch more in Boruto Episode 218

You can download Boruto 218 below:

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