Getting to Know Your Baby AND The First Week Vol 8

Together on ONE DVD!

Geddes Productions, 86  minutes in total

DVD format.

Getting to Know your Baby:

Ever wonder what the doctor or midwife is doing and why when your newborn is examined? Thie Clinical Assessment of a normal newborn covers baby head-to-toe and the explanations will amaze you. Kittie Franz, nurse practioner, explains the unique newborn and how he is wondrously made for breastfeeding.

The first week:

This positive DVD is sure to get breastfeeding off to a great start! Finally, information that addresses the new family's concerns about managing breast feeding during baby's first week.

How often should I breastfeed the baby?
Should the baby be on a schedule?
How can I tell if the baby is getting enough breast milk?
Should we limit feeding to prevent nipple soreness?
Why does the baby feed so much at nights
Are the baby's dirty diapers normal colour?

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Getting to Know your Baby/1st week

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