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Beginning or experienced Doula, Childbirth Educator or Midwife? The best books from the best authors, the basics of business to unique and valuable information for experienced professionals. Don't forget to check the Birth & Postpartum Books for our general selection!






Accupressure's Potent Points by Michael Gach



Birth Balls by Perez 
Breastfeeding Answer Book by La Leche League International




Doula Programs by Perez and Thelen  
The Female Pelvis by Calais-Germain



Heart and Hands: A Midwives Guide to Pregnancy and Birth by Davis  



Labor Progress Handbook by Simkin and Ancheta  
Learning to Listen, Learning to Teach by Vella



Mother Massage by Stillerman
The Nurturing Touch at Birth by Perez



(Understanding and Teaching) Optimal Foetal Positioning by Sutton and Scott out of stock,
may no longer be able to get this title
Shiatsu Therapy for Pregnancy: A Handbook for the Therapist and Support Person by Whitlocke
Special Women by Perez and Snedekecker  

Sit Up and Take Notice by Scott NOT IN STOCK please keep checking back

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