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Welcome to the Maternal Source Store!

Maternal Source has been in business for over 10 years serving 
numerous customers from many countries.

Our catalogue will be of interest to doulas, midwives, physicians, educators and
complimentary caregivers working in the area of pregnancy, childbirth, parenting and lactation.

As well, mothers, fathers, babies and grandparents seeking excellent products and gifts during the journey of pregnancy, childbirth and parenting will find great items in our store. 

Please enjoy browsing the store for Books, Videos, DVD's, Teaching Materials, Business Supplies, Cotton Diapers, Breastfeeding, Gifts and much more.


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  The owner of Maternal Source, Maryanne Zuzak,  would like to get to know
  all of her customers. Please feel free to  contact me and introduce yourself.


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